A call to follow Jesus as His disciple involves engaging in His mission throughout the world. Every church is uniquely gifted and equipped to do that. WMU of Texas works with a variety of ethnic churches and fellowships to create culturally-appropriate missions discipleship experiences. Six missional objectives form the basis of what we are about.

Six Missional Objectives:

  • Know Jesus and grow to be like Him
  • Tell the story of Jesus
  • Support others who do missions
  • Help others in Jesus' name
  • Pray for believers who serve around the world and the people they serve

The Missions Plan Book, created by national WMU, is a tool containing twelve months of missions education material in Basic English. It has Bible studies, prayer helps, ministry ideas, and stories of missionaries.

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Why a week of prayer and a missions offering? We believe people can pray more effectively and give more generously if they know and understand what God is doing and how they can be involved. For over a 100 years WMU has led churches to see the fields, then to pray and give. This often leads to direct involvement as well.

Some churches prefer to have separate mission emphases throughout the year. Others do it once ayear. No matter what your church chooses there are resources available.

Free prayer guides, offering, envelopes and posters are available in several different languages from WMU of Texas for three mission offerings and weeks of prayer:


Vietnamese churches across Texas caught the vision of the Pad Project. They have made over 4,000 reusable menstrual pads for women in South Asia. Two things have motivated them: it is a practical way to life their faith and they remember what it is like not to have products to use. To learn more . . . 

Some churches are taking missions discipleship material for children and incorporating games, stories, and activities into what they are already doing in their children's ministries. Peer learning is occurring as leaders share with one another what is working for their churches.

Korean churches have available bilingual missions discipleship curriculum for preschoolers and children. The Missions Plan Book is a great tool for adults and is available in English and Korean. One church's vision is to develop a biblical worldview and a missional heart in the lives of those who attend and they use WMU resources to help them achieve their vision.

Women from Laotian churches across Texas come together at the WMU of Texas Annual Meeting and Missions Celebration to learn, fellowship, and grow together. The excitement they have is taken back to their churches and shared with others. 

Start a new missions small group in your church.

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Sudanese Women on Mission exploring a lesson on planting seeds of the gospel.

Laotian WMU Leadership team visiting the new WMU offices during their conference leader training event.

Cambodian women at Texas Baptists Annual Meeting with Carolyn and The Change Bus.

Vietnamese women sewing pads for the Pad Project.

Multicultural youth at Camp Fusion, funded by Mary Hill Davis Offering®.

Want to learn more about how your church can get involved with projects like the Pad Project, Women's Build and other missions opportunities with WMU?

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Need help knowing what certain terms mean or who Lottie and Annie were? Check out the free printables in Basic English and Korean.

Printables - Basic English

Printables - Korean

To order resources in Basic English and Korean, visit National WMU's web store at, church resources and then click on multicultural.


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