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WMU of Texas Calendar At a Glance

Thank you for staying connected with WMU of Texas. Our desire is to keep you connected and engaged with missions. Below you will find dates of various events, trips and projects supported by WMU of Texas. Because event information has the ability to change without notice, please know that we will no longer be printing a calendar booklet but instead keep you updated online. WMU Calendar dates are now printed in theBRIDGE newsletter, the Impact Report and in the Annual Meeting Program. Thank you again for your participation in and support of missions in Texas.


13 Acteens Afterglow, First Baptist Church, Georgetown

13-14WMU of Texas Annual Meeting and Missions Celebration, First Baptist Church, Georgetown

24 WorldCrafts Market at Harmony Pittsburg Association


5 WorldCrafts Market at FBC, Allen


10-11 National WMU, SBC Annual Meeting  and Missions Celebration, Dallas

12-13 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting, Dallas


29-31 Texas Baptist Family Gathering, Arlington


MK Re-Entry Retreat hosted by WMU of Texas


9-16 Mary Hill Davis Offering and Week of Prayer for Texas Missions

22 WorldCrafts Market at Galveston Baptist Association


13 WorldCrafts Market at FBC, Burnet

21-26 Women's Build - Week 1

25-30 Women's Build - Week 2


9-16 Mary Hill Davis Offering 

22-23 WMU Offices Closed for Thanksgiving Holidays


2-9 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer for International Missions

26-Jan 1 WMU Offices closed for Christmas/New Year Holidays



11-17, Focus on WMU 

16, Children's Missions Day


3-16, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and Week of Prayer for North American Missions


5-6, WMU Annual Meeting and Missions Celebration. FBC Woodway, 101 N Ritchie Rd, Woodway, TX 76712