Missionaries' No. 1 need is for prayer support!

Focused, continuous prayers not only for themselves but for the people to whom they bring the love of Christ.
Missions leaders help churches know how to pray strategically, why to give sacrificially and how to come alongside missionaries to reach the lost.


The purpose of this offering is to support the efforts of the North American Mission Board's Send North America strategy, as missionaries and church planters push back lostness in the United States and Canada.


Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®

The North American Mission Board (NAM B) highlights representative families, individuals, ministries and their people groups during the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® and Week of Prayer for North American Missions.

The NAMB provides stories that illustrate how we are united as we join God in His work. when you pray and give, you support those who extend your outreach from your church to those without Christ. You become apart of God's story in North America!

Ordering Week of Prayer Materials from WMU of Texas

WMU of Texas is the responsible for the distribution of Posters, Prayer Guides and Offering Envelopes. These materials are free of charge. Please mark your calendars and order your Annie Armstrong Easter Offering materials on JANUARY 1st.

To ensure that churches receive the correct amount of material and the material is sent directly to the person that oversees the offering promotion, we no longer provide an auto-ship standing order for the week of prayer materials. Please make sure to place your Annie Armstrong Easter Offering order on or after January 1st.

To order call 214-828-5150 or order online at my.wmutx.org.

Please allow up to two weeks to receive your order.


Make a big impact with your promotion of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. NAMB provides multiple resources that inspire and engage your church during this week of prayer.

NAMB's website provides additional resources such as…

  • Week of Prayer Contacts
  • Presentation slides for PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Videos – Inspirational missions videos to use during worship, in the lobby, in small groups, etc.
  • Themed Graphics/Artwork
  • Mission Studies for all Age-Levels
  • Planning Guides
  • Social Media Kit
  • Resources in English and Spanish
  • "Challenge to Pastors" Letter

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Send North America

The 2018 Week of Prayer for Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is: 
March 4-11, 2018


Every church promotes their international offering differently.

  • What if we don't promote the offering during the week suggested? That's okay!
  • What if we pick up a large missions offering only once a year? Way to Go!

Don't Stress. You are able to use week of prayer materials any time through out the year.


Please send your check along with the giving form to the Baptist General Convention of Texas to be processed and sent to NA MB.

View or download PDF version of the 2020 Giving Form for your initial contribution. If you have any questions about how to fill out this form, please call us at (214) 828-5333.