texas christian women's and men's job corps

Christian Women's Job Corps® (CWJC) and Christian Men's Job Corps® (CMCJ) seek to equip women and men, in a Christian context, for life and employment. Lives continue to be literally transformed through these two vibrant ministries that help participants gain self-confidence, purpose, direction, and hope for the future. In addition, each participant is engaged in a weekly Bible study and paired with a mentor for encouragement and accountability, in a missions context, where women mentor women and men mentor men.

Christian Women's Job Corp

CWJC exists to empower women to experience spiritual, personal, and professional success. Success can appear in many forms:
Earning a living wage, becoming restored spiritually, healing broken relationships, creating healthy generational traditions, and/or giving back in her community.

A distinctive of CWJC programs is offering an environment where long lasting relationships are formed within a Christian context. CWJC offers a comprehensive faith-based curriculum in;

  • Spiritual development
  • Personal development
  • Professional development
  • Mentoring

CWJC in Texas from WMU of Texas on Vimeo.

Christian Men's Job Corp

CMJC exists to empower men to become spiritual leaders in their homes and communities. A distinctive of CMJC programs is bible study and mentoring. Programs offer a vast array of life and job skills training. CMJC offers an opportunity for men to:

  • Grow spiritually
  • Build healthy and positive relationships
  • Gain life skills
  • Improve job skills
  • Walk with a mentor

CMJC from WMU of Texas on Vimeo.


WMU of Texas has 67 CWJC/CMJC site locations all across the state of Texas. If you would like to find out how CWJC/CMJC can help you reach your life goals or if you would like to volunteer, connect with a site location near you!

Participants receive training in life skills and job readiness. Often computer skills are taught as well. Each ministry is customized to meet the needs of the participants and their community.

Not sure if CWJC/CMJC is right for you? Take a look at our frequently asked questions to learn if this program is a perfect fit for you.

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" Even though I earned a bachelors degree in 1989, my insecurities about re-entering the work force were making it difficult to apply for jobs.I was paralyzed with fear of failure. Thanks to the sincere and practical help CWJC showered on me- I now have a salaried position. The Jobs For Life Workbook is a tool I refer to often.It reminds me that reliability is more important than perfection & my employer is my most important customer.‎"

Melissa, Spring 2015‎ Class, CWJC of Galveston County, Island Site.

For more information about participating, volunteering or starting your own site, please contact:

Becky Ellison
Texas CWJC/CMJC Consultant
becky.wmutx@texasbaptists.orgC: (254) 716-0319
[Based in Waco]