Has God called you to start a CWJC or CMJC ministry in your community? The first step is to attend NCT Level 1 training (See National Certification Training for details). After registering for training, gather men and women in your community to join you in prayer together seeking God's guidance and leadership on this new journey.

WMU of Texas and Texas CWJC/CMJC is committed to serving and supporting our leaders. To name a few, we support our leaders by providing training, seeking resources for sites, offering an endowment scholarship for continued education for both participants and leaders, opportunities to network through annual retreat and summer regional fellowships, and support from our full time state consultant for CWJC/CMJC.


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Thinking about starting a CWJC or CMJC site in your area? Learn how to begin and develop a ministry site for your church or community.

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NEW promotional videos for CWJC and CMJC are now available for download. Take a look at the videos below.


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Texas CWJC and CMJC empowers men and women to grow spiritually, personally, and professionally enabling them to transform families and communities. Texas hosts 67 Christian Women's and Men's Job Corps sites. Each year we serve approximately 4500 men and women through all of the services offered through the CWJC/CMJC ministries. Men and women could not receive the hope they need without our volunteers serving as prayer warriors, teachers, mentors, lunch providers, and financial partners. Our volunteers serve over 300, 00 hours each year.

" I volunteered thinking I was going to make a difference in her life but my life was changed."

Linda - CWJC McLennan County



Missional Lifestyle Strategist - CWJC/CMJC and Associational WMU


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