WMU of Texas Endowments have been established to help provide a secure financial base for the mission and ministries of WMU. The money placed in an endowment will never be spent; the funds are invested so the interest provides an ongoing stream of income year after year, decade after decade.


Our vision begins with God. He has always had the whole world in mind. God's global cause belongs to every member of the church. Within that context, however, Woman's Missionary Union has a specific responsibility for missions education and participation. Helping to prepare God's people to show and tell God's love to Texas and the world is the main priority of WMU of Texas. We desire missions to become the natural outflow of a Christian's life. Effective missions education impacts how we view family; how we read or listen to the news; and how we use our time, giftedness, and money every day. It also impacts how we think beyond our lifetime, influencing the legacy we leave. The rapid changes in how we do missions challenges WMU to be innovative, relevant, and personal, and adequate funds are not always available. Has WMU had an impact on you, a family member, or a friend? Give to ensure future generations will understand and value the importance of missions. Such earthly investments yield eternal dividends; these truly are gifts that keep on giving, even beyond a lifetime.

How Can I Have a Part?

  • Give an outright gift of cash, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, real estate, personal property.
    • Pledge to give annually.
    • Give in honor or in memory of someone.
  • Include WMU in a will, leaving a percentage of the estate (perhaps a tithe) or a specific dollar amount.
  • Make a gift of a life insurance policy.
  • Establish a charitable gift annuity or charitable trust that would provide an annual income for life to the donor, but would go to WMU upon death.

What Will My Money Do?

WMU has seven different endowments. Give to the ministry that captures your passion and reflects your own missions heartbeat.

How Are The Funds Administered?

The WMU of Texas Endowment Adminstrative Team makes distribution of interest income for all endowments with the exception of the Henderson Memorial Scholarship Endowment which is administered by a Scholarship Committee. Reports are made regularly to the WMU of Texas Board of Directors. Guidelines are in place for all endowments and provide direction for distribution. The Baptist Foundation of Texas manages the assets for WMU of Texas.

Where May I Send Contributions?

WMU of Texas will receive and acknowledge any contribution and deposit the funds as designated by the donor.

Donors may prefer to send Touch Tomorrow Today contributions to WMU Foundation, which accepts gifts by credit card; visit



WORLDTOUCH ENDOWMENT was established in 1995, and funds a variety of ministries and projects such as leadership training events for multicultural missions, expenses for volunteer ethnic consultants, resources for the African American Advisory Council, Missionary Parents Fellowship, a pre-college retreat for MKs (Missionary Kids) and Texas Baptist Nursing Fellowship.

TOUCH TOMORROW TODAY ENDOWMENT is a partnership that began in 1999 benefiting WMU of Texas and national WMU. Its purpose is to provide strong long-term financial stability and support for the ministries of both entities by annually dividing the earned income from the endowment. National and state WMU have always partnered to provide missions resources and training for church and associational WMU.

JEANE LAW LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ENDOWMENT makes available funds to help women develop missions leadership skills for service in their local churches. The endowment was established in 2000 by Mrs. Law's family to honor her service as president of WMU of Texas.

JOY FENNER MISSIONS PROJECTS ENDOWMENT assists individuals to move beyond their church walls and be involved in hands-on missions experiences in the US or overseas. It was established in 2001 to honor Joy Phillips Fenner upon her retirement after 20 years of leadership as executive director-treasurer of WMU of Texas and to recognize her service as Texas GA director and missionary to Japan.

EULA MAE HENDERSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT was created in 1986 in memory of Miss Henderson, who served 34 years as executive leader of WMU. It provides scholarships for women pursuing a career in WMU or in missions who are enrolled in graduate study at Baylor School of Social Work, Logsdon School of Theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Truett Theological Seminary, and Dallas Baptist University.

TEXAS CHRISTIAN WOMEN'S/MEN'S JOB CORPS ENDOWMENT was begun in 2002 by site coordinators in celebration of CWJC's fifth anniversary. Funds support various aspects of this ministry in which women and men in need are equipped for life and employment in a Christian environment.

AMELIA BISHOP MISSIONS COMMUNICATION ENDOWMENT helps WMU effectively tell the missions story by developing writers, language websites, and other avenues of communication. It was created in 2006 to honor Mrs. Bishop, a missions communicator and former president of WMU of Texas.


"I've stepped up to be the leader that God has called me to be, really utilizing my abilities and not letting them be wasted. I feel that a blinder has been lifted from my eyes and I am so much more passionate about winning lost souls to Christ." -May Lee, Hmong WMU Leader (multicultural leader training is funded by WorldTouch Endowment)