Thank you, WMU of Texas for all you do and for your ministry to VRI-ers. - Suzie (VRI missionary)


50 years or older with five or more years of service, were recently offered a Voluntary Retirement Incentive package by the International Mission Board. With the acceptance of the VRI, missionaries have been making life-altering decisions regarding their career and home.

WMU of Texas is responding with open arms and coordinating efforts to help with the transition of missionaries relocating to Texas. Creating a database of missionaries and their needs, we are encouraging them along with providing information regarding available housing, vehicle availability and job opportunities.


  • Do you know a missionary that has relocated to your area? Let WMU of Texas know so we can reach out to them.
  • Would your church provide a missionary home or help defray a rental fee?
  • Would your church provide a vehicle and/or insurance for one year?
  • Will you help find opportunities for them to use their skills and giftedness to continue serving in your area?
  • Encouraging them with prayer notes, meals, gift cards or a welcome basket.

Contact Beth Campbell at for more information on how you can help.

Update: About 160 of the IMB missionaries who took the Voluntary Retirement Incentive are settling in Texas. Read more the articles in the latest issue of The Bridge online to see how you can help. To get extra copies of The Bridge, please call our office at 214.828.5150.


Beth Campbell
Missionary Transition Coordinator
C: 214.828.5155