Before you go, follow these readings as a prayer guide. Plan to share these thoughts with your group in addition to the specifics you learn about your mission project.

Help Others See Christ: Read Acts 9:3-22.The Lord gave Ananias a vision to place hands on a blinded Saul, who was God’s chosen instrument to carry on His name. Ananias was obedient, and the scales fell from Saul’s eyes. Ask the Lord for opportunities to help others see Him through you. Ask God to use you as an instrument to proclaim Jesus to others.

Go Where God Leads: Read Acts 16:6-15. The Lord gave Paul a vision of a Macedonian man calling for help. Paul responded to God’s calling and went to Macedonia. When they arrived they met Lydia, a God-fearing woman who was eager to listen with an open heart. Ask the Lord to direct your path to take the gospel to people who are eager to know Christ and whose hearts are open to following Him.

Boldly Speak About Christ: Read Acts 18:9-10. The Lord gave Paul a vision and encouraged him to speak without fear because God has people in that city. Ask for the Lord to help you speak boldly about Christ. Praise the Lord for the people who He is calling to know Him in the place you will be serving on your trip.

*excerpt taken from Carry On: Prepping and Packing for Successful Missions Trips, New Hope Publishers, 2015. Purchase at