We are passionate about empowering Christ-followers to radically participate in the mission of God. In partnership with national WMU®, we offer mission small groups and approaches, as well as ministries, that enable every member of the church to learn about missions, become involved in missions, and live a missional lifestyle. WMU offers many opportunities to fulfill the six objectives of WMU that are at the heart of missions education.

Through the organizations and approaches, adults, students, children, and preschoolers learn about the work and needs of missionaries. There are opportunities to participate personally in missions projects as well as develop a missions lifestyle—something for everyone.

Do not worry if your church is small and cannot offer all of the organizations or approaches. Offer those that meet the needs of your congregation. Many churches begin with only one children's organization. Some begin with an adult organization. What works well in one church may not work in another. Perhaps a combination of approaches, organizations, and churchwide activities work best for your church.

What Can WMU Do for My Church?

  • WMU creates an environment to hear and understand God's call and receive nurturing in that call.
  • WMU creates an awareness and sensitivity toward people of other cultures and languages as people whom God loves.
  • Churches with WMU are more likely to have a more actively involved laity in all areas of church missions and ministry.*
  • WMU leads people to experience missions personally through mission action and witness.
  • WMU develops leaders for missions efforts among all age groups.
  • WMU begins at the birth of a child, teaching her or him about God's great love for all people.
  • The activities of those involved in WMU help a church fulfill its mission.
  • WMU helps a church stay focused on the commission Jesus gave His followers.
  • WMU creates a window to the world.

*2008 Annual Church Profile, Southern Baptist Convention

Each benefit (mentioned above) is an outgrowth of the objectives of WMU:

  • Pray for missions.
  • Engage in mission action and witnessing.
  • Learn about missions.
  • Support missions.
  • Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle.
  • Participate in the work of the church and the denomination.

WMU provides a variety of opportunities to involve all church members. These may be one-time events, short-term activities, ongoing projects, and awareness opportunities.

Examples of church member involvement:

  • Families on Mission
  • Prayer for domestic and international missionaries and unreached people groups
  • Bible studies that relate to God's missions purpose
  • Giving of money and time for missions causes
  • Annual learning opportunities of contemporary missions—Texas, North America and international
  • Local mission action and witnessing projects
  • Volunteer missions projects

Missions for All Ages: Organizations and Approaches
For churches interested in growing and strengthening Christ followers through missions education, WMU offers ongoing missions organizations and approaches for boys and girls, men and women, and coed groups in all-age levels


  • Build relationships with strategic missions partners
  • Empower leaders to intentionally multiply themselves
  • Design front-line missions opportunities
  • Create and develop an effective marketing plan
  • Develop a skilled Board of Directors
  • Establish and maintain a secure financial base


  • Jesus as Lord and the Bible as the guide for life, ministry, and missions (John 14:6; 2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  • Prayer that produces intimacy with God and intercession for others (Colossians 1:9-12; Ephesians 6:18).
  • Personal involvement in missions locally and globally (Acts 1:8).
  • Ongoing, relevant missions education for all ages and all ethnic groups (Philippians 4:9; 2 Timothy 3:14-15).
  • Support of missionaries and their families (1 Corinthians 16:1-2; Philippians 2:25).
  • The role of women and girls in God's plan for the nations (Acts 16:13-14).


WMU of Texas was organized October 3, 1880, in the basement of First Baptist Church of Austin, Woman's Missionary Union of Texas is historically and uniquely related to the worldwide missions endeavors of Baptists in Texas.


WMU of Texas shares in the total work of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and seeks to aid, assist, and be helpful to any and all phases of the life of the Convention; however, it designs and directs its own programs, elects its own officers, and employs its own staff. The annual budget for the work of Woman's Missionary Union of Texas comes from the Mary Hill Davis Offering ®.