MK Re-Entry Retreat

WMU of Texas has an incredible opportunity this summer to minister to Missionary Kids (MKs). Children of international missionaries who are entering college in the United States for the first time will be attending the MK Re-Entry Retreat, August 7-10, at Highland Lakes Baptist Encampment.

The annual retreat is sponsored by the International Mission Board (IMB) and hosted on a rotating basis by state Woman’s Missionary Unions (WMU). This year, WMU of Texas will host the retreat. A $5,000 grant from the Vision Fund from the WMU Foundation will help toward the all-expense paid retreat...but we still need your help!



Pray for the MKs as they prepare mentally and physically for their first year of college life and for their parents.


Adopt an MK - $150

$150 provides funds for one MK to attend the retreat.

Bedding - $15

WMU will provide one twin set, light blanket, pillow, a towel and washcloth for MKs who are unable to travel with their bedding. All bedding will be donated to Highland Lakes Baptist Encampment following the retreat.

A case of bottled water - $5

It’s August. It’s Texas. It’s hot! We need to keep the MKs and staff hydrated during their activities.

Sponsor a snack time - $50 / $75 / $100

Help sponsor one of five snack times.

Funds to be used as needed

Items will be needed for recreational activities, meeting space, retreat expenses, etc.


Beth Campbell

O: 214-828-5155