Women who are personally engaged in missions activities and learning have contagious enthusiasm! They radiate joy and compassion. They invest in what they know matters most – their relationship with Christ and relationships with others. WMU offers resources to help cultivate a biblical worldview that compels Christfollowers to learn about and support missions by praying, giving and nurturing those God has called to mission service. We are here to support you whether you lead a missions small group or simply want ideas to engage the world.

Women on Mission® (WoM) provides women ages 18 and older an opportunity for ongoing education and involvement through a group that focuses on Bible study, prayer, ministry and/or general missions. WoM reassures women that their ability to minister and witness comes from God's empowering Spirit. Women are encouraged to nurture one another and serve as spirit-filled missions mentors. Women also help each other develop loving, caring, and sharing characteristics as part of a missions lifestyle. Women on Mission have group gathering plans that include hands-on ministry and witnessing activity ideas.

How does missions involvement change lives?

Through missions involvement adults can mature in their relationship with Christ from an understanding of God's purpose for their lives. Adults will be able to explore God's missionary purposes, resulting in personal commitment and obedience to that purpose and move beyond the walls of the church to reach and witness to the lost. Through this purpose-driven environment adults will gain knowledge and develop understanding, appreciation, attitudes, and skills for doing and supporting missions. This understanding will provide a biblical reason for reaching out to non-Christians and will help adults become aware of and involved in all their church and denomination are doing to support missions. As they recognize the connection between their church and individual missionaries, adults may take part in more hands-on involvement and begin to increase their giving to missions and their involvement in prayer. Missions involvement helps adults become instilled with an evangelistic spirit through hands-on ministry that in turn helps Christians fulfill the outward focus of the Great Commission.

How can I start or grow Women on Mission in my church?

We are so glad that you are interested in Women on Mission. Your involvement in a woman's life can make a huge difference. If your church has never had any other WMU age-level organizations or WMU leadership in your church please visit our New Start Page because you could qualify for six months worth of free material. If your church has had other WMU age-level organizations, please give us a call and we can advise you on what to do next to begin your new organization.

To learn more about Women on Mission® please visit National WMU's websites at www.wmu.com and www.womenonmission.com.

"Whether it has been hands-on projects where women were collecting personal hygiene items for a women's prison, knitting warm hats for a homeless shelter, decorating a residence for a furloughing missionary, or baking cookies to deliver to a children's home, these opportunities to let Jesus shine through me have blessed me immeasurably. "

"I encourage all who want to make a difference in their world, whether it's in the community, across the state, or around the world to consider Women on Mission as the vehicle to teach them how to let Jesus 'Shine in their eyes!'"

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Looking for some ways that you can make a difference right now? Well, we believe God is calling you to do exactly that! We know that there is a power within each women to change the world. You can allow this power to work through you to change your life, your community, and your world for Jesus Christ.

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