Imagine if preschoolers in all of our churches truly gained an understanding of what it means to be "radically involved in the mission of God." To be radical for God's mission is to live to the extreme or above the ordinary in effort to advance the kingdom of God. WMU believes that seeds of faith in God and love for others should be planted early in young hearts. We are here to support you whether you lead a missions small group or simply want ideas to engage the world.

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Mission Friends® is the missions organization of WMU® for preschoolers, birth through kindergarten. This provides an opportunity for preschoolers to become aware of God's boundless love for themselves and for others. Mission Friends® offers an avenue of teaching preschoolers about missions work in North America and throughout the world.

Changing a preschooler's heart through Mission Friends

Preschoolers begin to understand the missions concepts of praying, giving and doing missions. They will progress from a focus on self to a focus on others. This causes them to become aware that God wants everyone to know of His love, but not everyone know of God's love. Preschoolers and their parents together will learn how they can help others who are in need.

How do preschoolers learn about missions?

Preschoolers will learn about missions through various activities designed specifically for their age level and their level of development. Being aware of the learning level of children ages birth-6, WMU has created a curriculum that uses fun, hands-on, and sensory activities to teach them Bible thoughts related to missions and mission stories. Preschoolers will also take part in cultural learning activities to encourage a lifestyle of praying, giving, and helping others.

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"One time in Missions Friends we made this Christmas ornament and it was fun to make it. It had glitter, and it had pictures of missionaries on it and we put it on our Christmas tree. It helped us remember to pray for them."

"Two parents share with me that they come to church Wednesday night because their two preschoolers always want to know when it is time for Missions Friends. They love Missions Friends and are always ready to go. It is important to these parents that their children are exposed to missions at a young age."

"I am amazed at how much the preschoolers have learned in the past few months. They are like sponges – eager to hear and know more about the missionaries and how they can be missionaries too."

Looking for some ways that you can make a difference right now? Well, we believe God is calling you to do exactly that! We know that there is a power within each girl to change the world. You can allow this power to work through you to change your life, your community, and your world for Jesus Christ.

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How to get started with Mission Friends!

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