Imagine if children in all of our churches truly gained an understanding of what it means to be "radically involved in the mission of God." To be radical for God's mission is to live to the extreme or above the ordinary in effort to advance the kingdom of God. WMU provides resources to help guide young children to a greater understanding of God's work in the world and how they can join Him in His work. We are here to support you whether you lead a missions small group or simply want ideas to engage the world.

Missions Small Group

Children in Action® (CA) it the missions organization of WMU for girls and boys ages 6-11 or grades 1-6. This provides an environment for active learning, scripture learning and scriptural application. As a result of using relevant curriculum the girls and boys will engage in learning experiences that teach the biblical basis of missions. This organization provides a great outreach to children in your community.

Changing a child's heart through Children in Action

Children will learn how to demonstrate the missions concepts of praying, giving and doing missions. As children grow they will be able to learn how to develop a lifestyle of missions. They will also learn about missionaries from all over their world and understand the work that they do in their country. Girls and boys will be able to learn how to apply the Bible to their lives and learn how to pray and intercede in prayer for others. Children in Action® cultivates an atmosphere of acceptance of children and offers opportunities for parents to serve. This level of missions education will encourage children to provide outreach to the community, the church, and non-churched families.

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"I like it when we read the Bible. I like to learn about God and Jesus. And I really like to learn a lot about the Bible. I like to learn the memory verses. It helps me remember to be nice to my friends."

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