Gone are the days when missions discipleship was only learned behind the doors of a church classroom. Developing a missions lifestyle can happen IN and OUTSIDE of the church walls.

The children of today are longing to make a difference in their world. As they struggle with finding their identity and their purpose, you can help them by strengthening their Biblical world view.

Intentional missions discipleship

Taking your preschoolers and children to the next level in their discipleship means that you are being intentional about helping them “live out" the gospel daily. Missional discipleship helps to foster transformation in the lives of children by helping them connect biblical teaching to real life. They being to learn and understand how to meets needs, serve wholeheartedly and love the Lord with all their mind.

WMU offers variety of resources to help you and your children make an impact in your community and around the world. All resources are designed to help your children develop a missional lifestyle and vary based on need. These resources include drop-in studies, curriculum for small groups, and mission project resources. Resources are designed to fit within an existing preschool & children's ministry program or meet a gender specific need.

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Our Mission is to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples….Starting with Children!

We believe in the restoration of brokenness through hope in Christ.

We believe we are people made in the image of God with infinite worth because we are His creation. We know we are broken people in need of restoration and healing. Through Christ's forgiveness, mercy, and grace, our lives are being made new. We are passionate about telling His story and how it has changed us. We want every culture to know His story and be changed by it as well. We give our lives to that pursuit.

If you are involved in missions, YOU ARE WMU!


"Missions groups" are actually small groups that are intentional about providing opportunities for preschoolers and children to grow in their faith and put what they learn into action. Beginning with Preschoolers, they learn the most basic information about what "living on mission" means. As they grow into elementary age, their worldview through the lense of missions expands. WMU offers resources designed to fit the need of a gender specific or co-ed groups. WMU Preschool missions is designed for babies thru Kinder. WMU Children's mission is designed for children in grade 1-6.

Mission Friends is for babies and preschoolers and perfect to integrate with your nursery time!

Girls in Action is missions group for girls.

Children in Action is for a co-ed group and perfect to integrate with your children's ministry.

Royal Ambassadors is a missions group for boys.

Interested in starting a missions small group at your church? Find out if you qualify for the 50% discount for your basic material today!

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