The Missionary Parents Fellowship of Texas exists to provide a network for fellowship, encouragement, and support through engaging in prayer and sharing information. Our vision is to provide a network for parents and family members of missionaries serving on international fields for fellowship, encouragement and support through engaging in prayer, sharing information and meeting together. Through our network, we can minister to each other, our missionary children on the field and those who are on stateside assignment.

Are you, or someone you know, a missionary parent or relative? Come be a part of this group that prays together, shares, and encourages each other.

How Do I get Involved?

Stay connected with missionary parents in the state of Texas. Susan Kilcoyne is the coordinator of the Missionary Parents Fellowship in Texas and will be happy to assist you.

contact us

David and Cay Cooke 
Missionary Parents Fellowship Coordinators, WMU of Texas
P: (210) 319-0921 
WMU office: 214-828-5150
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