Why Missions Discipleship?

We want to see Christ-followers grow in their spiritual journey and become disciples of Jesus. The goal of WMU is to help develop Christfollowers whose life embodies the life and ministry of Jesus, who does the things that He did for the same reasons, and who learns to do all things Jesus taught.

It's about BEING and DOING. It's about RELATIONSHIP and RESPONSIBILITY. It's about the INTERIOR world and EXTERIOR overflow.

Everything we do is geared around shaping your life to be a disciple of Jesus and LIVING into the adventure of your Father's work. The more you learn about missions the better disciple you become.


Preschoolers tell the cashier about the love of Jesus

Kids sharing real hope with friends at school

Teens stepping up for the marginalized in radical ways

Adults serving their communities no matter the cost

From preschool to adulthood, missions discipleship strengthens a Biblical worldview to live like Christ and serve Him in our own communities, culture, and context. Our hope is to revive a movement of people ready to pursue the lost, the forgotten, and the poor to show them a God who is passionately in love with them. We live our lives ready to go with a yes on the table saying "Here am I, send me!"

When missions discipleship is offered in a small group environment, this is when we really see life change happen. WMU provides curriculum and resources to foster missions learning, community, accountability, skill development and missions discipleship. Not only do we seek to equip and empower believers on an individual basis but enrich the church with groups dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission. 

We know that every church as their own way of offering ministry opportunities and WMU has kept you in mind. We offer a variety of group strategies to get your people involved in missions whether in a gender-specific, co-ed or culture infusing experience. 

Some churches call these groups Missional communities but we call them Missions Discipleship Groups.