•Ask for more opportunities for missionaries to spread the gospel. 

•Make a list of people who don’t know and pray them every day. 

•Ask for boldness so you can tell others about Jesus. 

Get Involved IN MISSIONS 

•Find ways to serve in your community weekly/monthly i.e.; food pantry, crisis center, homeless shelter, etc. 

•Ask yourself: Have I recently shared with someone what God has done and is doing in my life? 


•When we learn about the needs and the work being done around the world, we learn how to pray and get involved. 

•Find out about all the missionaries who have gone before you and find out how YOU can follow in their footsteps.


•Support the cause to spread the gospel: by giving financially; encouraging people called to serve as missionaries; spreading awareness about missions efforts; praying for those who have responded or want to respond to God’s call. 


•Remember, missions is a way of life. 

•Be intentional with your relationships, time, money, and your unique abilities. 

•Are you focusing on your spiritual growth by getting involved in Bible study and finding a mentor to walk alongside you? 

Participate IN MINISTRY 

•Are you using your special skills and abilities to serve in the church? 

•Team up with the Pastor and other leaders to help fulfill the mission of the church. 

•Have you encouraged your group leaders to team up with other churches for ministry event and activities? 

•Learn how you can participate in the ministries offered through the state convention and how you support ministry beyond your church. 

>Together these 6 approaches help you develop a missions lifestyle. <