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Student Disaster Recovery

Eric and Adrian Martinez are a father-son duo who have been involved with BOUNCE since year one. As a pastor, Eric knows the value of mobilizing students for mission service. Eric says, “With BOUNCE, you see the students desire to come back year after year. It takes a lot to get them there year one, they’re not sure about it, they are thinking about the hard work, but once they leave, they want to come back.” Eric continues, “It’s been very important for me to see my kids learn about missions through BOUNCE.” Adrian adds, “I love being able to help somebody and seeing the reaction on their face when they see the finished job. When they see their brand new roof, their brand new fence, their brand new siding, and everything you have done for them. The pure joy in their eyes. It’s really awesome to see that.”

Thanks to the partial scholarships provided through the Mary Hill Davis Offering, students from Faith Family Church are able to be mobilized for mission service each year at BOUNCE.

BOUNCE Ministry: Through your Mary Hill Davis investment, BOUNCE was able to mobilize 975 participants, serving approximately 58 families in Texas and completed a total of 115 construction projects in 2019. 

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Special Friends Ministry

Does your gift make a difference?

One purpose of our retreats is to practice good teaching methods for ministers, teachers, and parents. But I never know if we are really making a difference with each camper. We strive to model Christ’s love by listening to everyone, sitting together during meals, supporting campers during our talent show, and just simply pulling our arms around them during worship. But does it make a difference?

During the Plains Retreat, Alyssa had finished painting her bag and began writing on the paper insert which was to keep paint from bleeding to the other side. I was able to easily read the first three things she learned at our retreat: "respect, follow rules, and greatest rules", but at first, I did not understand the last lesson she wrote. So I asked Alyssa. She looked at me disappointedly and said, “I love Jesus Christ. That is Jesus Christ.”

This proved to me that what we are doing is valuable to each camper, teacher, and parent. Elyssa was able to communicate for things she had learned during the retreat. But in fact, these four things were learned because she is active at her church and during the retreat we just supported what her church was teaching her. - Diane Lane, Specialist, Childhood Discipleship, Texas Baptists

Special Friends Ministry: Through your Mary Hill Davis investment, the Texas Baptists Special Friends ministry was able to minister to 480 special friends at their 2019 retreat. 

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Camp Exalted

In 2018 Camp Exalted implemented a service called “Night of Worship”. This is where students from their respective churches minister through Mime Ministry, Praise Dance, Song, Spoken Word. A United Christian Fellowship youth was sitting on the back row, enjoying the service but did not have anyone from their church minister. They promised that next year they would have representation there for 2019. In 2019, UCF came with a Mime Ministry that was birthed out of the exposure from Camp Exalted 2018. Their Mime Ministry does not just minister through dance, but have regular Bible studies, as well as go into their community and to do mission work as a Mime Ministry while sharing the Gospel. Camp Exalted is about being a disciple and making disciples.

Camp Exalted: Through your Mary Hill Davis Offering investment, Camp Exalted is able to reach African-American students around the state. Throughout the week-long camp experience, students receive training, encouragement and access to information to help them become better servants of Christ.

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Camp Fusion

Texas Baptists Intercultural churches face a unique challenge reaching and equipping their American born youth. These youth live between two worlds and are challenged with discovering their identity. Several relevant leader training and experiences address these issues and celebrate the cultural uniqueness. One of these experiences is CAMP FUSION. When I was a camper, I came to understand Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Since then, I’ve been called to give back as a camp counselor. This has opened me up to be used by Him even though I am very shy to speak. After accepting Christ, I realized how present God was with me even if I turned my back on Him. Through camp, I’ve been able to view myself with more love and forgiveness, not judging myself too harshly. I’ve also grown more understanding of the culture I am from, helping me grow closer to my family. Camp Fusion has opened my heart to the youth and wanting to serve them. I’ve since become the youth leader at my church. - Jed, Camp Fusion Counselor

Camp Fusion: Through your Mary Hill Davis Offering investment, Camp Fusion students are trained to share the Gospel throughout their communities. 

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"If there ever was a time when Christian hearts should call themselves back to a sense of loyalty to God and our organized work, that time is now upon us." - Mary Hill Davis, Galveston, 1923

Who was Mary Hill Davis?

Mary Hill Davis believed Texas was a vast mission field and that immigrants needed to know Jesus just as much as citizens. As president of the Woman's Missionary Union, Mary Hill Davis spurred women to service, giving and prayer, leading to the establishment of State Missions Week in September 1910. Remembering her remarkable leadership, the offering for Texas state missions was named the Mary Hill Davis Offering®. Over 100 years later, her example still inspires Texas Baptists to give, to pray, and to go. 

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Your giving to the Mary Hill Davis Offering mobilizes ministries and missionaries to go make disciples and multiple churches among all peoples for the Glory of God. Thank you for supporting Texas missions.  

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