Interested in serving on the Women's Build?



If you would like more information about scholarships, contact: 

WMU of Texas
Phone: (214) 828-5150


Walls, roof, sheetrock, windows, doors, plumbing, electricity, paint, and floors make a house. It takes more than that to make a home. October 20-29, 2019 over 30 women will work alongside the family to build a house where they will create their home. We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve this precious family. Scholarships available. 

Team 1: October 20-25

Team 2: October 24-29

*Alert: Spanish Speakers are needed for the build.

Can't go to the build? Join us in Prayer!

The house is not the reason we go to build. We go because of our love for God and our love for our neighbors. We go as storytellers of God's grace in our own lives and how Jesus makes all the difference. We go as disciples who want to make disciples. We are in need of your prayers.

Prayer Needs:

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work in each person to transform us more and more into the image of Christ.
  • Ask God to draw the family, into a personal relationship with His Son.
  • Pray for humility for each team member that we will be learners and eager to serve in any way we are asked. We've been asked to leave our bossiness and whining at home.
  • Jesus showed respect and love for the people with whom He interacted. Intercede for the team members that this would be true of us.
  • Safety is always a concern on a work site. Pray for protection from accidents and wisdom for each team member to know what she feels comfortable doing.
  • The end result of this week is not a house. It is that God's name will be made great. Praise Him for being a God who restores the broken and covers us with His grace and mercy. Give thanks that He allows us to join Him in the work He is doing in Penitas.