If you would like more information about the Pad Project, contact: 

WMU of Texas
Phone: 214.828.5150


You can make a difference in the life of a woman or girl by getting involved with the Women Helping Women Pad Project. You will join hands and hearts with Christ followers who serve in South Asia. Michele has been working in that region for several years. This native Texan uses the project as a way to establish relationships, meet real needs, and share the love of Christ. She works with other colleagues in the region who also use the project to reach women. Each pad becomes a demonstration of Christ's love. Pads are still needed in South Asia so please keep sewing!

The Goal

Our goal is for every woman and girls to receive ten (10) pads in a drawstring bag.

Ways to Get Involved

There are different ways to get involved with this project. Be creative and utilize the giftedness of your women.

SEW! Sewing machines, sergers, fabric, thread, batting, snaps, and cord are the things needed to make pads, pad holders, and bags to hold pads and pad holders.

Patterns suggested by missionaries:


If you are attempting to start this project on your own, we suggest you get in contact with your ministry point person and find out what works best for the women in that area. Pad designs vary based on the country and the resources available to women in that area. 

Fabric To Use

Flannel is great for the outside covers of the pads because it is soft and absorbent. PUL material can be used to line the pad holders because it prevents leakage. It can be expensive so shop around. Some are using other options like thin, plastic tablecloths. Snaps or velcro on the "wings" of the pad holder enables a woman to secure the pad on her undergarment. When you are ready to ship the pads, pad holders and draw-string bags stack them tightly in a trash bag and tape the shipping box really well. You might also include in the box a short note and picture of the women who made these pads.

Other Ways To Get Involved With the Project

  • Promote the Pad Project in your church and association.
  • Donations: WMU of Texas has the honor of shipping pads to the countries involved in this project including South Asia. Your group may prefer to send money to assist with the cost of shipping and we would welcome any donation to help with shipping. If you do so, please make a check payable to WMU of Texas and send it to 10325 Brockwood Road, Dallas, TX 75238.
  • Prayer is the greatest way to get involved. Pray that God will use these simple pads to open the door for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared with women around the world.