Through the Women Helping Women Pad Project, you will share with women and girls that they are loved and valued by their creator. Each pad made will not only a bless a woman wanting to return to work or a young girl wanting to return to school, but the gift of pads will also open doors for sharing of the Gospel. Thank you for participating and demonstrating God's love around the world. 

To get started, contact a missionary or ministry partner serving in an area of need to find out what type of pads work best for their specific area. Once you have the specifications from your missionary, use the pattern below to assemble ten (10) pads per drawstring bags. 

When you are ready to ship the pads, pad holders and drawstring bags, stack them tightly in a trash bag. Place the trash bag, a short note and a picture of the women who made the pads in a shipping box. Tape the box well to prevent damage to the pads during shipment. 

Required Materials

To assemble the pads and pad holders, you will need the following materials: 

  • Sewing machine
  • Serger
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Batting (inside of the pads)
  • PUL fabric (polyurethane laminate fabric)
  • Flannel material
  • Karn snaps or velcro

Patterns suggested by missionaries:


Other Ways To Get Involved:

Prayer: Prayer is the greatest way to get involved. Pray that God will use these simple pads to open the door for the Gospel of Jesus of Christ to be shared with women around the world. 

Donations: WMU of Texas has the honor of  partnering with ministries serving in areas of need. If your group prefers to send money to assist with the cost of shipping, we will welcome your donation. Please make checks payable to WMU of Texas and mail them to 10325 Brockwood Road, Dallas, Tx 75238.

If you would like more information about the Pad Project, contact: 

WMU of Texas
Phone: 214.828.5150
Email: wmutx@txb.org