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Human Exploitation

During 2010 -2014, national WMU introduced the critical issue of Human Exploitation. Through this initiative, WMU® identified a social and moral issue and tied in national projects that help lead the church to address it. Over the past 16 years, since the launch of Project HELP in 1994-1995, WMU has focused on a variety of universal problems ranging from hunger and poverty to HIV/AIDS and racial injustice. With each issue, we seek to raise the level of awareness and provide practical approaches individuals can implement to open the door for meeting needs and sharing the gospel.

National WMU has now identified another critical issue to uncover in 2014-2016 but here in Texas we know that Human Exploitation is not going to go away over night so we are continuing to stay in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation. We invite you to join with us! Below you will find resources to help you as you create awareness in your community.

What is Human Exploitation

Human exploitation is defined by WMU as the unethical, selfish use of human beings for the satisfaction of personal desires and/or profitable advantage.

Six Issues of Exploitation:

Steps to addressing the issues.

First begin by focusing on education, awareness, preparation, prayer, and some degree of action—a laying of groundwork for churches and church members to respond.

Second continue with prayer, then engage in strong action based on knowledge, awareness, and the leadership of the Lord.

Products and Resources
Helpful links, free downloadables and products to purchase.

How can WMU help?

WMU can provide...

  • help to find resources for your church
  • workshops on human exploitation
  • workshops on fair trade
  • assistance to help you develop your own awareness strategy for your community


The Federal Bureau of Investigations has named I-10 the number one human trafficking corridor in the United States. Over 800 miles of I-10 go through Texas, from El Paso to Orange. Our ports, international airports and border also make is easy for traffickers to bring in and move victims from place to place. Since 2010 WMU of Texas has joined with others in Texas to combat human trafficking in our state. The way you be involved are many. We have learned it takes a wide network of resources to address this multi-faceted issue. Here are some concrete ways you can make a difference.

  • Pray – James 5:16 tells us the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. Ask God to deliver the innocent victims from their bondage. Pray for God to stop those who exploit and dehumanize men, women, boys and girls. Seek wisdom for law enforcement personnel, attorneys and judges. Ask for needs to be meet for those who provide victim services.
  • Educate yourself – We cannot close our eyes and pretend that human trafficking does not happen in our towns, cities, state, nation and the world. Learn about human trafficking and share what you are learning with others.
  • Volunteer – There are ministries across our state who are involved with awareness, advocacy, and victim services. They need your hands, voices, and energy to make a difference.
  • Be an advocate – We can let our legislators in Austin and Washington, D.C. know that we want human trafficking to be a thing of the past. The more you know about the issue the more you can be a strong voice in the fight against human trafficking.

Edwin Burke said, "All it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing." Doing nothing is not an option. If you need more information, contact our office.