WMU of Texas Hurricane Harvey Response

The rain came down in torrents.  The flood waters rose.  The winds toppled trees, buildings, signs, and more.  When the storm subsided, the damage revealed was staggering. 

How do you plan for an unanticipated natural disaster the magnitude of Hurricane Harvey?  You can't.  But when the storms come, it is truly amazing how quickly God's compassionate people jump into action.Your response is vital in the recovery process as you . . . 

  • PRAY without ceasing.  The continuous gift of prayer is needed as never before.  Focus on one area from Corpus Christi to the Texas/Louisiana border and lift up churches and non-profit organizations that are serving those displaced by the storm.  
  • Send GIFT CARDS to the WMU of Texas office for distribution in affected areas.  We suggest VISA, MasterCard, or WalMart cards. If you prefer, you can make a donation to WMU of Texas marked for "disaster response".  You can give online soon! Cards and donations can be sent to 10325 Brockwood Road, Dallas, Texas 75238.
  • GIVE GENEROUSLY to the Mary Hill Davis Offering.  Every dollar received that exceeds the $3.6 million goal will be dedicated to the long-term recovery efforts of partners such as Texas Baptist Men and Texas Baptists. 
  • HELP without hurting.  Be wise in the ways you serve.  Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.  People will need your time, resources and skills sets for months to come.  Only give what they need.  Allow adequate time for people to process the emotional trauma as well as the physical damage.  Serve with patience, understanding, and humility.  


1. Praying is a crucial part of disaster relief. Please download the following prayer guide to learn how to pray for specific needs from Associations impacted my Hurricane Harvey. 

>Prayer Requests from our Baptist Associations 

>List of Needs from Associations

2. What a joy it is to labor with other WMU state offices during a time like this. Alabama WMU created the following prayer guide as a resource that guides prayerful conversations. Please download and share with your church members. 

>Prayer Guide for specific, strategic needs NOW

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How will Mary Hill Davis Offering funds support the hurricane relief effort?

Answer:  We are seeking to determine which ministries that receive MHDO funds will use those dollars in helping others.  One example is BOUNCE.  This ministry mobilizes youth groups to work on disaster recovery projects.  They have already rearranged their 2018 schedule to focus on disaster recovery.  

Question:  Can we designate our MHDO gifts to disaster relief and it still "count" as MHDO? 

Answer:  That is a hard question to answer.  Every dollar given in 2017 has already been committed for missions in 2018.  What ministries would be told they will not receive ministry funds? We must honor that commitment.  

However, every dollar given that exceeds the $3.6 million goal, will be dedicated to the long-term recovery efforts of partners like Texas Baptist Men and Texas Baptists.  

Question:  Why don't you release money now instead of waiting until next year?

Answer:  Mickey Lenamon, executive director of Texas Baptist Men, says that the recovery effort will be a marathon and not a sprint. Creating a disaster response/recovery strategy has both short and long-term phases.  

Many are contributing to good organizations who are doing amazing work in the short term.  But they may not be involved in long-term recovery strategies that partners like Texas Baptist Men and Texas Baptists will provide.  We want to be wise in considering both short and long-term strategies.  

Question: I have family whose home was destroyed by the flooding. Can I designate my gift card to that city?

Answer: Our plan is to share cards across the 16 Baptist associations and networks that spread from Kingsville to Orange. Generous giving will allow us to bless this area as we work with directors of missions, pastors, and WMU leadership to distribute cards.

Thank you for your generous and compassionate response to the spiritual and physical needs of Texans.  All across our state, we desire to be a people who are united in spirit and purpose through Christ. We want to be known as those who look beyond their own needs and care for the interests of others. 

We are Texas missions.