If you are leading a missions group or leading your entire church, we have resources and training opportunities for everyone. Our hope is that each leader in Texas will be equipped and empowered to lead their church to become missional disciples.


Are you new to WMU? Do you have new leaders leading your missions groups at church? Contact us to help you find the best training opportunity for your church. Take a look at the variety of ways we can help train your leaders and get them started on the right foot!

  • One-on-One Leader Training ? Missions group leader training led by a regional, associational or state missional lifestyle strategist. Call WMU at (214) 828-5150 to request one-on-one training.
  • Associational Training Events ? Led by your area associational WMU.
  • Annual Meeting and Missions Celebration ? Led by WMU of Texas.
  • Online Training - Develop is WMU's online, on-demand training. - Provided by National WMU.

contact US for Training

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