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suds of love

The storm has come. Houses destroyed. Lives torn apart. Who will help? WMU of Texas will!

WMU of Texas is currently collecting donations to purchase and maintain the Suds of Love disaster relief laundry unit. This laundry unit will be activated and sent out alongside Texas Baptist Men disaster relief. As disasters hit, the need for clean laundry and a helpful hand is always a needed. Whether you help wash clothes or fold a shirt or two, you will show the love of Christ to those who need it most. Please consider join us in launching this new project!

How can you help?


Collect Quarters: You can collect quarters for the new Suds of Love disaster relief laundry unit of WMU of Texas. Funds will be used to purchase equipment and maintain the laundry unit.

Send gifts to: WMU of Texas, Suds of Love, 333 N. Washington Ave., Dallas, TX 75246

Online Giving: Coming soon!


Create awareness about the Suds of Love laundry unit in your church.

Suds of Love Bank: As you collect coins use this bank to encourage giving. Print the PDF, cut and fold to size. The design is made to fit around a small milk carton.

Suds of Love Bookmarks: Encourage adults, students and children to support Suds of Love with a bookmark. Please contact WMU of Texas at 1.888.968.6389 to request your bookmarks.

Suds of Love Poster (8.5×11): Create an area in your church dedicated to promote Suds of Love. Use this poster to hang on the wall to create awareness.

share christ in cuba

Do you have a gently used wheelchair or walker that you no longer need? Would you like to bless senior adults in Cuba who are not able to get around because they can't walk or lack mobility?

restorative justice

Restorative justice ministry involves God's people in applying biblical principles of restoration to meet the needs of victims, offenders, communities, and law enforcement and criminal justice professionals.

To take part go to

women helping women pad project


Simple things like dealing with a woman's regular menstrual cycle can keep someone from going to work or school because she lacks what she needs.

Roughly 20% of women in one South Asia country use disposable pads for their period. The rest use rags, ash, coconut husk, or just sit for a week. Women and girls may deal with infection, loss of productivity, and shame. Some drop out of school which only increases the cycle of poverty. Some miss work and cannot feed their families that week. You can make a di?erence in the life of a woman or girl by getting involved with the Women Helping Women Pad Project. You will join hands and hearts with Christ followers who serve in South Asia. Michele has been working in that region for several years. This native Texan uses the project as a way to establish relationships, meet real needs, and share the love of Christ. She works with other colleagues in the region who also use the project to reach women. Each pad becomes a demonstration of Christ's love. Will you help?

The Goal

The goal is to send 300 drawstring bags with 10 pads and two pad holders per bag.

Ways to Get Involved

There are different ways to get involved with this project. Be creative and utilize the giftedness of your women.

SEW! Sewing machines, sergers, fabric, thread, batting, snaps, and cord are the things needed to make pads, pad holders, and bags to hold pads and pad holders. Search the Internet for "patterns for reusable menstrual pads". You can adapt a pattern to make the pad holders.

Flannel is great for the outside covers of the pads because it is soft and absorbent. PUL material can be used to line the pad holders because it prevents leakage. It can be expensive so shop around. Some are using other options like thin, plastic tablecloths. Snaps or velcro on the "wings" of the pad holder enables a woman to secure the pad on her under garment. When you are ready to ship the pads, pad holders, and drawn-string bags, stack them tightly in a trash bag and tape the shipping box really well. You might also include in the box a short note and picture of the women who made these pads.

WMU of Texas will ship boxes to South Asia. Your group may prefer to send money to assist with the cost of shipping. If you do so, please make a check payable to WMU of Texas and send it to the address below.

Prayer is the greatest way to get involved. Pray that God will use these simple pads to open the door for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared with women in South Asia.

Promote the Project

Please download the flyer below to promote the Women Helping Women Pad Project.



WMU of Texas 10325 Brockwood Road Dallas, Texas 75238 (214) 828-5150